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January 18, 2022

Notice is hereby given that the regular  City Council meeting on the the 18th day of January 2022 has been cancelled

The Council may go into closed session at any time when permitted by Chapters 418 or 551, Texas Government Code, or Section 321.3022 of the Texas Tax Code.  Before going into closed session a quorum of the Council must be assembled in the meeting room, the meeting must be convened as an open meeting pursuant to proper notice, and the presiding officer announce that a closed session will be held and must identify the sections of Chapter 551 or 418, Texas Government Code, or Section 321.3022 of the Texas Tax Code authorizing the closed session.

I, the undersigned, City Secretary of Staples, Texas, hereby certify that the above Notice is a true and correct copy.  I posted said Notice on the front door of the Staples Civic Center and in the lobby of the Staples Post Office.  Said places are readily accessible to the general public at all times.  Notice shall remain posted continuously for at least 72 hours pre-ceding the scheduled time of the meeting.

Marilyn DeVere

City Secretary

January 15, 2022

City of Staples Launched a Brand New Website! Subscribe Today!


We are excited to announce that our new website has launched and includes all the information our community needs. Check back often, as we will be adding information every day. Subscribe and receive news and alerts via email and text. Let us know what you think!

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